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Lounge Size Standard Size USA Bra Size UK AUS EU FR IT
8A XS 30A 30A 8A 65A 80A 0A


30B 8B 65B 80B 0B
8C XS 30C 30C 8C 65C 80C 0C


S 30D 30D 8D 65D 80D 0D
8DD S+/S 30DD/E 30DD 8DD 65E 80E 0E
10A XS 32A 32A 10A 70A 85A 1A
10B S 32B 32B 10B 70B 85B 1B
10C S 32C 32C 10C 70C 85C 1C
10D S 32D 32D 10D 70D 85D 1D
10DD S+/S 32DD/E 32DD 10E 70E 85E 1E
10E S+/S 32DDD/F 32E 10F 70F 85F 1F
10F M 32G 32F 10G 70G 85G 1G
10FF M 32H 32FF 10H 70H 85H 1H
10G L 32I 32G 10I 70J 85J 1J
12A S 34A 34A 12A 75A 90A 2A
12B S 34B 34B 12B 75B 90B 2B
12C M 34C 34C 12C 75C 90C 2C
12D M 34D 34D 12D 75D 90D 2D
12DD M 34DD/E 34DD 12E 75E 90E 2E
12E M 34DDD/F 34E 12F 75F 90F 2F
12F M 34G 34F 12G 75G 90G 2G
12FF L 34H 34FF 12H 75H 90H 2H
12G L 34I 34G 12I 75J 90J 2J
14A M 36A 36A 14A 80A 95A 3A
14B M 36B 36B 14B 80B 95B 3B
14C M 36C 36C 14C 80C 95C 3C
14D L 36D 36D 14D 80D 95D 3D
14DD L 36DD/E 36DD 14E 80E 95E 3E
14E L 36DDD/F 36E 14F 80F 95F 3F
14F L 36G 36F 14G 80G 95G 3G
14FF XL 36H 36FF 14H 80H 95H 3H
14G 2XL 36I 36G 14I 80J 95J 3J
16A L 38A 38A 16A 85A 100A 4A
16B L 38B 38B 16B 85B 100B 4B
16C L 38C 38C 16C 85C 100C 4C
16D XL 38D 38D 16D 85D 100D 4D
16DD XL 38DD/E 38DD 16E 85E 100E 4E
16E XL 38DDD/F 38E 16F 85F 100F 4F
16F XL 38G 38F 16G 85G 100G 4G
16FF 2XL 38H 38FF 16H 85H 100H 4H
16G 2XL 38I 38G 16I 85J 100J 4J
18A 2XL 40A 40A 18A 90A 105A 5A
18B 2XL 40B 40B 18B 90B 105B 5B
18C 2XL 40C 40C 18C 90C 105C 5C
18D 2XL 40D 40D 18D 90D 105D 5D
18DD 3XL 40DD/E 40DD 18E 90E 105E 5E
18E 3XL 40DDD/F 40E 18F 90F 105F 5F
18F 3XL 40G 40F 18G 90G 105G 5G
18FF 3XL 40H 40FF 18H 90H 105H 5H
18G 3XL 40I 40G 18I 90J 105J 5J



Wrap your measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust (usually right across the nipple line). Do this while standing up straight and make sure you're not squeezing the measuring tape too tight! The measuring tape should lay relaxed around your bust for the most accurate sizing recommendations.


Wrap your measuring tape around your rib cage where the band of your bra would sit (just below/under your boobies)! For most comfortable and accurate size guidance, make sure the measuring tape is relaxed and secure around your rib cage ensuring not to squeeze too tight!